Temperature and Humidity Sensor


The Sensirion humidity/temperature sensor–the SHT15–is a single integrated chip that produces fully calibrated digital output with Swiss precision. A microcontroller, such as the BASIC Stamp®, reads out the values via its two-wire digital serial interface, and then applies a little math to achieve ±2% humidity accuracy and ±0.5% Celsius temperature accuracy.

EME Systems has incorporated the SHT15 into an easily-mounted assembly, the SHT15DV. The SHT15 is covered by a plastic cap that incorporates a gortex vent. This protects it from dust and other contaminants while allowing exposure to outside temperature and humidity.

The SHT15, cap, and additional electronic components are potted in epoxy within a PCB board. The PCB is connected to a 4-conductor cable and has numerous holes for various mounting configurations.

EME systems also carries the Davis Instruments DV7714 radiation shield. The SHT15DV can be mounted inside. (pictured below).