Air Quality Projects


UCB-PATS uses the sensing chamber from a commercial home smoke detector that depends on natural air flow and diffusion to bring particles in a sensing chamber.
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PATS+ is the next generation PATS. It is smaller than the UCB-PATS and performs more on-board processing via a multicore Propeller microcontroller. It uses a modified version of the commercially available Sharp GP2Y1014 sensor.
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Dylos Air Quality Monitor
A benchtop monitor that relies on a sophisticated, but still consumer-based optical particle counter, the Dylos Air Quality Monitor. A controlled air flow brings particles through a laser beam where pulses of scattered light are transduced into electrial pulses.
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Wireless SUMS
A wireless Stove-Use Monitoring Systems (SUMS). The wSUMS sends compressed data wirelessly, allowing data to be downloaded unobtrusively without entering a household.
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Time-Activity Monitors (TAMs)
An ultrasound-based system for monitoring the amount of time spent by different household members in specific household locations and in vicinity of important sources of air pollution.
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Air Exchange Rate Monitors (ARMs)
This system consists of a data-logger with between one and four non-dispersive infared (NDIR) carbon dioxide sensors.
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