Temperature and Humidity Sensor


The Sensirion humidity/temperature sensor is a single integrated sensor chip that produces fully calibrated digital output with Swiss precision. Values can be read by a microcontroller via the sensor’s two-wire digital serial interface, and converted to achieve ±2% humidity accuracy and ±0.5% Celsius temperature accuracy.

The basic SHT75 comes in a SIP package that features a long neck for low thermal mass, a flow-through air path for fast response, and pins on 0.05" centers.

In order to apply this sensor conveniently in weather stations and in other harsh environments, EME Systems adds value by mounting the sensor in a PG7 gland nut, sealed at the back with 4 color coded wires. This arrangement allows for sealing to an enclosure, while maintaining low thermal mass and good air flow. The SHT75PG includes additional components for the microprocessor interface, and provides a GORE-TEX® membrane to protect the sensor element from spray and pollutants.