Temperature and Humidity Sensor




The SHT75PG is a temperature/humidity sensor utilizing the Sensirion SHT75 integrated chip. A microcontroller, such as the BASIC Stamp® or the OWL 2pro, reads out the values via its two-wire digital serial interface, and then applies a little math to achieve ±2% humidity accuracy and ±0.5% Celsius temperature accuracy.

The chip and its accompanying electronics are mounted inside a PG7 gland nut that is fastened into a 50-mm length of 17-mm diameter PVC. It is connected to a 3-meter, four-conductor cable that terminates in bare wire leads (other terminations are possible–please contact us for your specific needs). The sensing element is protected from dust and other contaminants by a GORE-TEX® vent. The electronics are potted in epoxy.

The SHT75PG can also be ordered without the PVC tube, allowing the end user to mount the PG7 gland in other configurations.


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